You know you shouldn't be here but the thought and temptation was just too great. You've searched and searched for something particular - to be black owned by a curvy domineering woman who absolutely despises you, pushes you, seduces you, intimidates you. Soft and alluring one moment, hard and sharply cruel the next. Always keeping you on your toes and always guessing.

What will she take this time? What will she deny me next?

Yet, again and again, you come back for more - no matter how much I take, no matter how much I humiliate, you've returned once more to be trained into a good boy.

There's nothing I love more than breaking a man down brick by brick and making him my dog. 


Curvaceous, highly educated, with an inventive sadistic mind. 

Men often fall for my bright personality, playful demeanor, and easy conversation to find a laughing, bratty, bossy Black Goddess delighting in all your pathetic secrets and all your suffering. Don't worry, I won't forget or reveal all of the secrets you've revealed to me.

As long as you please me.

I am a Black Goddess of the Talented Tenth, highly educated, snobby, and critical - I am here to note your confessions, exploit your weaknesses, and push your boundaries. Basically, you're lucky that you're allowed to speak to me at all. You don't deserve me. I have a habit of using up my toys quickly and throwing them away when I get bored - therefore, I only indulge in what truly excites me. You do not want to bore me.

Boys with a high pain tolerance and fat wallets are always welcome.

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